Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just another day in Anchorage

Last night we took Becky to the airport. It was really hard to say good-bye and watch her walk away...then I was left all by myself with Jed (talk about scary!) All of this is such a big change for me and Becky has been so supportive. It is hard to sit that long in a car and not have all your deepest secrets and fears not come out. It was nice to have Becky there to ease a lot of my anxiety...although she just kept eating her ice cream in Fairbanks as I ran into the bathroom and puked because I was so nervous. She just told me everything would be okay and it would work out. We had tons of fun being with Jed. Saturday he took us on a tour of Anchorage. We went to Alyeska (the ski resort) and had lunch we went sight seeing a little bit. The weather is so nice I have been really surprised. It has been sunny and fairly feels warm.

We stopped by the Anchorage temple. It is tiny! I think I need to go back when spring was kind of brown and ugly. I don't think I'll be planning a wedding here any time soon ;)


  1. I am glad that you are doing so well. It looks very pretty up there. Don't be so nervouse about things. As you would quote from lance Armstrong. "If you were worried about falling off the bike, you would never get on." Enjoy the ride, and remember the road might be bumppy sometimes, but just around the bend the it was well worth the ride. Love Ya Hilpy

  2. See, you have survived a full 24 hours without Becky in AK! You can do it!

  3. It was so good to talk to you, I want you to know I am very proud of you and everything will work out the way it is suppose to, I am very sure about that. I love you, take care of yourself and tell Jed hi.
    Love Heather