Monday, May 18, 2009

The Mormon Mansion

"The Mormon Mansion"--well, it's not really the celestial mansion I always dreamed of, in fact it is more like the Telestial version. It is like I described Ghetto-Fabulous...the shopping cart out front really captures the "ghetto" category, while the large white columns put it more into the "fabulous" category...hence the term "Ghetto-Fabulous". But hey rent is cheap...the area...not the greatest but compared to what? It's Anchorage! It's not a trailer park, there is no TY-VEX and exposed blue tarps! So it's really not that bad.
We don't have a couch...and in the "Mormon Mansion" Fashion we have the epidemy of all chasity couches!! The retired church chairs! I thought BYU-Approved Housing was bad...but wow! I guess Jed and I will have to get used to it ;)

Overall it is really not that is really spacious and it has a really homie feel to it. I felt really good about my decision to live there.


  1. I LOVE the chastity couch. That is awesome! I think your place looks great and if it's cheap, even better! I guess things could be worse, right?

  2. It doesn't look that bad.. At least you can unload your car now.

  3. I am laughing so hard at the chairs!! And you have a dishwasher...that is fabulous. And I bet that shopping cart comes in handy!

  4. I like the plants in the window they look good and as far as the chastity couch you always have like yoga anyway. looks good and even better cheap and close to work.