Monday, May 4, 2009

First Day on the Job

Today I started my job at the Arc of Anchorage. Jed drew me a map so I could find it...I was really lucky because his other directions didn't work out so well. Becky and I first got lost in Palmer and when we called Jed for directions he just laughed and asked how we even got to Palmer...which was not apparently on our way to Anchorage. That was just the beginning. The roads are kind of crazy then add in the fact I don't know where I am going it is just a disaster...but luckily this morning I made it to work just fine. I didn't dare leave the parking lot for lunch because I was worried I wouldn't find my way back.

My first day on the job was great. Except the people who hired me and are going to train me are on vacation. It was kind of a mess...and I have a really bad cold right now so I was feeling sick, and no one knew what I was supposed to be doing for the first hour I was just thinking in my head...just send me home...just send me home. They didn't send me home, but they put me through some orientation and paper work stuff. Then they asked if it was okay if tomorrow I didn't come in because they had no one to train me. I felt like it was an answered prayer! The people seem really cool, I was worried because there are some crazy looking people here in Alaska.

I am going to sleep tomorrow and hopefully get rid of this cold!


  1. If you knew your left from your right, my directions wouldn't be a problem. ;-)

  2. I am glad you made it there safe. I was so glad to talk to you on the phone today. It helped easy my mind that you were okay. It will be fine when you get your bearings around the city. Also with jeds map directions and not knowing left from right it could just be the map maker? I don't know just throwing that out there! Just kidding. Try not to stress and relax your cold will go away faster. P.S. we want some pics of these crazy people in alaska. I was gonna take a pic. of a guy down the road from me. He was a younger man with a small beer belly, long hair in a pony tail, and wearing just shorts. oh also he was supper white. i think he was working on his tan. Shane would not let me take a pic. of hime to send to you. But he was right it might have been too much of a temptation for you and you might have wanted to return to Utah for him. JK. hope to hear from you soon

  3. So your first day turned out fine, good (aside from the cold) and you already have a day off! That is awesome. Sleep in, and depending how you feel, explore Anchorage a little. That way you can leave the parking lot for lunch.