Friday, May 1, 2009


We finally made our way from Fairbanks down to Wasilla. On our way we saw this igloo.
Becky and I wanted to see Mt. McKinley (or as Jed sternly reminded me that "true Alaskans" don't call it Mt McKinley, they call it Denali!) We got directions and were told that it was something we couldn't miss it. As we were driving through Denali National Park we kept looking for this gianormous mountian...where we were told we could get a good photo, but we didn't see anything too spectacular. We were laughing and pointing at different mountains asking each other "do you think it is that one?" When we finally left Denali National Park we got a little concerned and when we got to a small town we called Kristi (my mission companion) for better directions and she said "oh you passed it!" We couldn't figure out HOW we could have passed a 20,000 foot mountian but we did. We talked to Jed and he told us there was a better view from the back side anyway--so we didn't technically miss it. We were laughing so hard--thinking How could we miss it? We were thinking that maybe because we are used to big mountians around us and maybe we just were not that impressed with Mt. McKinley. But not long afterwards we saw it in the distant and yes, we were very impressed. We were very lucky because typically people can't see the mountian because it is covered in clouds. It is very rare to see the top of the mountain--but we did and were were really excited. We plan to climb it some day...if we can hire enough Sherpas to carry our stuff and/or find someone else to do it! ;) Maybe next year?

I was really nervous to get to the Hayward's, My long lost cousins--who I have never met, nor have they ever heard of me. So we made it to their house and Christine is so sweet, Bill is out of town until Monday but I am having fun getting to know his two younger girls who are 14 and 15, also Christine. The neighborhood is nice, and they have the cutest puppy that is David's (another son) I decided that I will adopt it as mine. David said I could play with it...but he I have to help train it as his attack dog. (not really he is joking)

Jed took Mama Beck and I out to dinner last night. It is wierd to think drove all this way for one free meal...atleast Becky will only get one free one ;) We had such a fun time...and Becky and I believe if Jed can tolerate us two together he passes the test--however, he still has two more days of us!! So we will see if he is ready to send us BOTH home or if he will keep me. It was really good to see made the nasty six day drive work it ..Becky says "it was not nasty! It was challenging, wonderful, glorious...eventful, and once-in-a-life-time adventure that she'll never do again! But not nasty.

So all of you at home tuning in to my blog. Know that Yes I made to my final destination. Yes, I did for a boy! And yes for him I would do it about five years.


  1. I got my blog fixed! Whew! That was scary. Anyway, Mt. McKinnley looks awesome. Reading about your adventure makes me excited to come to AK, but I will by flying! Summer of 2010 baby!

  2. so glad you made it. We can only see McKinley from Eagle River on very clear days at this one spot between the trees when they do not have leaves. I would have missed it too.