Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We had kind of a boring day. We woke up really early again and headed out. We were really excited to have a fountain drink from Mc Donald's. The first we've had in the Yukon.
We drove and was a really long day. we actually made it across the border. We were very serious, we didn't laugh and answered very politely

Becky got pulled over in Tok...he let us go without a ticket. Becky was really mad that I was trying to take a picture then she finally took my camera and took this picture for me. We laughed afterward and we followed the speed limits.

We planned to stay in Tok but due to the time zone and the difference and us waking up early we made it to Tok by 11:30am. There is nothing in Tok, a few places to stay and a few resturaunts. In our typical fashion we were looking at the map and saw we could take one turn and head to Anchorage or another turn to go towards Fairbanks. Becky jokingly asked me if I wanted to go to Fairbanks, and I said sure! That is how we ended up here in Fairbanks. It is just like the time Becky asked if I wanted to ride my bike to Mesquite from St. George, and just like the time I asked Becky if we could ride just a few miles longer and we ended up by the Deer Creek Resevior. Actually, the truth is I got a little cold feet and was scared to go to Anchorage and start my "new life" so we ran away for a little bit.

We were both excited to get cellphone service again!

Tomorrow we are going to stop and visit one of my mission companions, Sister Verhagen (Kristi) and see Mount Mckinley (the tallest mountain in North America) Then we will make our way to Wasilla where Bill lives. We are not in a big hurry and it is only a 4-5 hour drive.

I love you all I will try to call soon!


  1. Glad you made it across the border! Is your blog still private? I want my sister to read it, I think she'd think it was way funny. So will you get to see Jed in Fairbanks? I hope so!

  2. I have been following your trip and yes you are having too much fun. Becky sounds like the perfect Road Trip companion. I am almost a little jealous. Especially because of that awesome bear you saw!! I can't wait to see bears (from the safety of my swiflty moving vehicle)!! Call me when you get settled!

  3. Hey! So you need to link your blog to the SFHS 2002 blog:

    All you need to do is leave a comment with your blog address and it will be linked. It's been pretty fun seeing what people are up to. You need to read Katie Hendrix's blog, you will die!

  4. why didn't you get a picture of you and the cop???

  5. one more thing...Put some socks on

  6. listen to your sisters sarah, looks fun where you two are in alaska. good thing you two are good looking, if you were ulgy I think you would have gotten a ticke. we are all good and tired of doing bee stuff. all is wel have a good trip.