Sunday, April 26, 2009


We started our day at the border, what a disaster! First of all I was driving and the Canadian man at the booth was really unpleasant. He had no patience for Becky and my sense of humor. When he asked if we had been arrested I said no, then turned to becky and asked “have you?” she hit me and started laughing saying “NO!” the Canadian quickly asked if that was funny…then sent us to the immigration office. He didn’t like me so much because I started to pull away before he was finished talking to me. Luckily the guy inside was very friendly and had a wonderful sense of humor. He really got a kick out of our story. We think he may have been a mormon or one of the three Nephites to help us across the border (does anyone know if the three Nephites all stay together? Or could one just be chilling at border control?—well because forsure the one in the booth was NOT a Nephite!) We think he was Mormon because he tried to send us to the LDS church up the road to repent before entering Canada. We all laughed and luckily he sent us across the border.
However…across the border is a whole different story. First off getting out of the parking lot was a real challenge for me. Then I don’t even want to talk about our down town Calgary experience. Oh did I mention the GPS doesn’t speak Canadian/French? The annoying woman voice must have a grudge against the Mounties.

Still we made it clear to Banff. Which was BEAUTIFUL! We spent the day there just looking at the scenery HUGE mountains! It was snowing flurries and reminded me of a much more beautiful Park City…but still indescribable. We visited the Castle in Banff--a huge hotel that some guy built almost a hundred years ago!
I think car should be in a commercial ;)

6:44pm Becky was driving on the road to Jasper just past Lake Louis. I had this laptop out reading to her…when all of a sudden she slams on the brakes and says “Bear! Bear! Bear!” I looked up to see a HUGE brown grizzly-looking bear stopped dead in his tracks just as surprised to see Becky as we were to see him. We squealed—me with fear and Becky with delight I grabbed her hands and she is again yelling at me to get my camera. Mean while the bear just sits looking at us then quickly moves to the side of the road, not ten feet away –and Becky is rolling down her window leaning out ;) trying to lure him closer ;) just kidding she just rolled down the window to take a better photo. We were sitting right in the middle of the road when a jeep coming the opposite direction starts coming our way—luckily the bear was still there the guys in the Jeep were super stoked also to see the bear…and even got out to try and get a closer picture. We were so excited and it was my first sighting of a REAL life wild grizzly!!

We are having so much fun! We are in Jasper and just slowly making our way north! I love you all! Miss you!


  1. Well I am sure glad that you did not tell the Nephite at the border that becky was carring a gun, or a bomb. Maybe the guy at the border was wondering where you and becky's husband was!!Ya know because you are from utah and all men here have several wifes. You maybe just confused him. I am glad to hear that your trip is going well, and that you did not get eaten by the grizzly bear. You should have gotten out of the car and got on the top of your roof and had becky take a picture with the bear in the back ground. It would have been like the pic. of mom in yellow stone!!! be safe and can't waite to hear what adventure thelma and louise are having tomarrow. Maybe you will be thrown out of the local tavern tomarrow. {stay tuned in for tomarrows adventure when Sarah and Becky have a run in with the Canadian Marshals!!} Love you and be safe

  2. I am laughing at your stories! They are awesome! I definitely bet it was a 3 Nephite at the Border Control =) I can't believe you saw a bear on the side of the road. I really, really want to see a bear in the wild. I guess I'll just have to come to Canada!

  3. I want the Brewster bus! Think Winnebago makes one like that?