Saturday, April 25, 2009


Becky and I left this morning to start my drive to Alaska. We left an hour after our scheduled time and after topping off the tank of gas and getting a 32 oz Dr. Pepper we headed off into the horizon. Time passed very quickly but the scenery through Utah and Idaho we less than desirable. We entertained ourselves by talking and laughing about our lack of planning...Becky's mom let us borrow her GPS--although it kept us entertained but was really annoying if we got off course "Missed U-Turn, turn now...Missed U-Turned, turn right, turn right" repeatedly. We wished it were a sexy man voice not a annoying bossy woman voice. However, we are grateful for it.
We still us the combination of two mile post books, one atlas, a map and the GPS. Idaho was not very exciting the best was this Budwiser silos that just came out of nowhere.

The other exciting scene was this creature mowing the lawn when we stopped for lunch just outside of Pocatello. It had a cigerate and greenish gray beard, with a long pony-tail. Becky and I were so distracted by the wildlife in Idaho we forgot to fill up on gas....

We got to the middle of before we realized and the GPS said we had 17 miles to get to the nearest gas station. We laughed and prayed that we would make it and not make another careless mistake further along the way.
Just after Butte...we had a vision of Christ coming from the East...Becky said "am I imagining things? or is that Christ?" When I looked to the east there above the small town on the rocky mountain edge stood a brillant white odd looking Christ statue. The statue was interesting and a little creepy and only got creepier as we got closer. It was huge!!! As big as the statue of liberty ;) Becky bets it was paper mache...I think it was a natural formation of the rock that the town painted white! Maybe it was the ancient book of mormon civilations? And beneth it lies the Golden plates! We don't know, but laughed about the possibilities.
Twelve hours in a car can make it a girl go a little crazy! I had plenty of snacks, a random book on tape that Beck and I picked up at one of our stops...about wolves...or something LARGE and Wolf-like...we can only listen to a little at a time before we go crazy!

Finally we arrived in Shelby a cute little town the sun was setting and it was beautiful! We are staying in a Comfort Inn...we tried the hot tub for a little while but the jets were turned on so high that it almost beat us up! It felt good! Well Goodnight folks! We are hoping to see Banff tomorrow--we may go skiing (well Becky wants to go, I'll stay in the lodge relaxing ;) ) Love you All!

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  1. Well I hope you are doing Great!! We wanted to know why you didn't get a phone number from the creature in Idaho for my sister in law laurie. Also the big picture of christ is just a mountian.. Is there something we should see there??? Well i am glad dad and mom taught you so well not to pet the wild-life. You never know where those wild creatures may have been you could catch a disease. Also i am glad to see that you did not forget the snacks, although shane and chris want to know if that picture of budwiser was for them!! have a fantastic drive tomarrow hope to hear from you soon.