Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First Blog

I am leaving soon so I decided I would start a blog to tell of my Alaskan adventures. Many of you know that next week I will be packing my bags and driving 3,000 miles to Anchorage. All the changes are exciting but still I am still scared to leave. I've never really been outside of my little Utah County bubble...except on my mission, but that doesn't count! Now I feel like I am strapped into a roller coaster and it's slowly making it's way up the track and I can't get off the ride! It's exciting but the anticipation is killing me! Mama Beck is going along for the hopefully we make it to Alaska and we don't end up in New York.

If you are wondering what inspired all the changes, you can blame Jed. It is true--I am moving 3,000 miles for a boy. Jed and I have been friends for almost six years but just started dating in January, but the long distance thing is not very somehow he convinced me to move up there.

I found a job at the Arc of Anchorage. It is a non-profit organization working with people who are disabled, very reputable place. I am sad to leave my family at Danville Services but excited to move on to something new.


  1. I hardly had to convince you. You were practically begging me to let you come up!

  2. YAY for adventures and YAY for your blog! It looks awesome!