Monday, April 27, 2009



First get up really early and drive until your butt can't take it any longer, and you just can't possibly stay in a car any longer! Then get up the next morning and drive again until you can't stand sitting on your butt in a car...then again get up and drive as far as you can. Repeat several time!
This was really cool to see some young bulls fighting on the side of the road. The wildlife is incredible! But nothing beats the bear in the road that we saw yesterday!
Just after we left Jasper after a while the snow hit! It was a blizzard for a while! It really slowed us down, but afterwards it was beautiful and we haven't seen more than a few flurries.
This was the only car we saw for a couple was just miles and miles of this scene (minus the vehicle in front of us)
We arrived in Fort Nelson and Becky surprised me with the honeymoon suite!! YEAH!! ;) it have a fireplace and the jacuzzi right in the ROOM! I love Becky! I am looking forward to a nice relaxing--romantic night in with Becky ;)

They didn't have any other rooms available and the only other option was the Ramada Inn...we did a drive by and the Ramada was just behind this building but didn't look much better. There was a man sitting at the desk with a skinny sunken face, big straggly white beard and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth... we both just laughed and drove back to the "honeymoon suite"

I have been thinking there are a few things you all should know before you set out on your adventure to Alaska.
1. Buy a GPS system--You will find out the GPS system is incredibly helpful, but doesn't work in Canada...nor does it recognize Alaska as part of the United States.
2. Then buy a milepost this will walk you through the trip mile by mile to Alaska.
3. Next buy a few maps, USA, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and finally Alaska because you won't be able to read the milepost (well... Becky and I can't)
4. Don't laugh AT ALL when you go across the border.
5. Canadian border control have no sense of humor.
6. Watch out for the Elk
7. Keep an eye out bears in the middle of the road.
8. Don't buy audio books at a truck stop WOW
9. LDS BYU devotionals on Podcast can be entertain and uplifting after the audiobook you got at the truck stop again WOW!
10. By Day 3 you really run out of things to talk about.
11. By Day 3 the drive your butt really hurts.

I'm sure I'll have more to share that is all I could come up with right now.
Well Becky and I are kind of taking it easy...but we left really early this morning and made it to Fort Nelson in British Columbia. We really didn't have a very exciting day...just the audiobook thing we tried out, but it was just a long day. If you are wondering I don't get phone service up here and it is roaming charges. So tell mom and dad to check my blog for me! So they know I am okay. I know atleast Hilpy is reading! Love you all! Talk to you as soon as I get out of Canada and in service areas!


  1. The honey moon sweet looks cozy. I was imagining a heart shaped tub before i got to the pic. so do you just play alot of solitare on your computer while becky is driving? We should have had shane put some fun games on it before you left. How many more days do you have to go before you will be there, or how many more miles do you have to go? I know heather is reading your blog, but i will have to show her how to post comments. Well have fun with the sore butts and drive safe. Love ya

  2. I will keep your tips for visiting AK in mind! I hope you got a relaxing soak in the honeymoon tub (I hope there was a curtain on there)

  3. if you get a chance your debit card people{Wells Fargo?} fraud unit is calling but I do not have your card number to tell them you are in canada. Call them when you get to Alaska. Have a fun trip. No laughing when you get to the border.

  4. when you get to bored put in Kenny and think of what you are going to miss in July....ha ha, I'm just joking you two look like you are having fun! take care love you Heather

  5. hi sarah sounds like you andBecky are doing well, looks incredible and I bet you are glade that you took a coat with you. looks like new tires were a good investement, the honey moon sweet looks great. keep it in mind for later this year. love mom