Friday, April 24, 2009

Farewell Zoobies

So BYU Approved housing has monthly cleaning checks, each of the tenants has to sign up for a cleaning assignment, then on a Saturday morning they have this nasty old woman come into your apartment and determine if it is up to their standards. So to check out of the apartment I had to re clean my assigned duty, which was the bathroom...but the manager was even worse than the nasty old woman and she demanded that I clean the bathroom over and over again! The bath tub had this nasty filmy stuff on it but I scrubbed and scrubbed...I put pure bleach in it and let it set for hours, then scrubbed again and again--to no avail!!! The manager who checked me out (who is just way too old to be doing this job--come on Alta let's get some one who knows how to use a computer) she wanted me to clean it again, I did! She still wasn't completely satisfied with my cleaning skills! I kept scrubbing and cussing under my breath at how lame BYU housing is and feeling so excited that I was leaving for alaska!

I am not going to miss the midnight curfew, the infinious chasity line, or any of the crazy zoobies who like to sing opera or hymns while loudly playing the piano late Sunday night. Farewell zoobies! God be with you until we meet again!

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