Friday, May 22, 2009

A little of everything!

Do you think you could just cut and paste me? I would blend really well! I had my hair colored and cut two days ago. It is so hard to find a stylist that works well with curly hair. I was really sad to leave behind Brooke Tonga my stylist for the last three years. So I went to a co-workers stylist. She did a really great job the color is great...although it is a little dark--a little too Debbie Smith, with a purplish tint--it looks better than the brassy highlights that were in my hair. So the lady cutting my hair asks me how crazy can I get with the layers and I immediately said "not crazy, my hair is crazy enough as it is!" She said okay...but the layers kept getting shorter. It is a great cut for straight hair, it lays nicely...but this morning I almost cried because I had so much volume, plus the little bit of frizziness from the weather here, I feel like I should be wearing black leather and I need a Key-Tar (the guitar keyboards!) The picture doesn't do justice...I guess I shouldn't be surprised I typically have big hair, which is the big trend of the eighties but it is always frustrating to get a hair cut you don't like!

Well Jed left yesterday to move to Fairbanks so for the first time since I've been here in Alaska I had no plans. I had no idea where I was going to go or what I was going to do. It was kind of an identity crisis for me. Everything I did back home gave me my identity and at least for a day I felt like that was completely wiped away and I was starting completely fresh. I had no routine, no likes or dislikes, no friends, no family... It was an incredible feeling of freedom! I tried to stay at work as long as I could but eventually my boss, Dixi had to tell me to go home. So, I decided to do what I always thought I would like to do--go to the library, check out a book and actually enjoy reading something besides a textbook. So I did! I got a library card and found a book that Becky told me about "Three Cups of Tea". Then I went to the grocery store. With my previous job I didn't grocery shop a lot, I didn't cook because I didn't have time. So I thought it would be a good idea if I cooked some muffins for breakfast...Just call me Betty!! But I did manage to make two pasta salads! Oh yeah! I was on a roll I bought some pasta and made one then I was looking at a recipe on the back of the other pasta package and it sounded really good...luckily my roommate had some extra ingredients to help out! I didn't get a picture of those...but I thought you all would be impressed with my baking skills!! However, now that Jed is gone, I plan to use this time to learn some new recipes! Or maybe I will just stick with the salad thing for a while! My boss, Dixi, had a baby moose born under their deck this morning!!! She lives in Big Lake (Which is even further past Wasilla--like more than an hour and a half commute) Her husband let on of their dogs out this morning and rather than running straight out like the dog normally does he started smelling around. So Dixi's husband knew something was out there but before he could do anything the dog was flying through the air...the mama moose, protecting her baby, kicked the dog then stomped on him. Luckily, the dog got away and wasn't hurt. Dixi said the baby had just been born, it was even still wet they took these pictures through their garage window but they watched the baby moose take it's first steps. They are really awkward looking...I don't know how they can even walk! The mama moose was really upset with them and hissing, and stomping a lot. Cute though!

So this Memorial Day weekend I am leaving work and heading straight to Fairbanks. I think I'm going to camp because Jed works. I have a my new library book, I have a cooler with dr pepper, and I think I'll take my bike with hopes of finding a road to actually ride on! I will be back to Anchorage on Monday! Happy Memorial Day!


  1. You should go back to your hair stylist and ask for a refund! J/k it really doesn't look that bad. Nicole goes to a good hair stylist up there. You need to find some good (safe) hiking trails. Nicole put some pictures on their blog of a hike they went on and it looked gorgeous! If it's a publicly used (I mean, like you pass people on the trail so you're not hiking alone) good, safe trail, hiking is something I like to alone. It feels so good to just wander and wonder at nature.

    Sorry I didn't get back to your text. Two books I would recommend are The Double Bind and A Thousand Splendid Suns. They are both great. Have fun in Fairbanks w/ your Jeddy-Pie and Dr. Pepper!

  2. so the muffins got burned, and you consider pasta salad baking? hmmmm jk good job! it took me like 2 years of marriage to learn how to cook eggs and pancakes just the RIGHT way that my husband likes em!

  3. Sarah! Sounds like you've already been going through some adventures in Alaska....don't get lonely up there! Your idea of pasta salad has made me hungry.

  4. Hey, I also know another stylist who has curly hair herself for next time! It's not that bad, but I know the frustration of a good haircut.
    And Dixi seriously lives in Big Lake!! that is very far away, but it is gorgeous out there. Love the moose shots and apparently last week was Moose Drop week because all the momma moose have thier babies with in a week of each other. Who knew? So the dog should be safe for awhile. But I loved reading about it!
    And I heard Fairbanks got hot! We went south and got cold. Again, who knew?