Monday, October 4, 2010

My 180th semi-annual General Conference Weekend

I had a really great and spiritual weekend! Saturday was busy because both Jed and I have classes, so we weren't able to listen to a lot of conference. I did get to listen to some of Saturday Afternoon session while I was busy cleaning my house and making cinamin rolls.

To make things better we had the missionaries for dinner. They came right after the priesthood session. We made them a huge breakfast/dinner...with tons of pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and Cinamin rolls for desert. The last few times we've fed the missionaries we have underestimated the amount of food they are capable of this time we were prepared, it felt like we were feeding an army! But after all was said and done there was not much left! I think we have found our secret weapon to satisfy missionaries appetites! They were a lot of fun also! We found out that our next door neighbor...or the neighbor on the other side of our wall is also LDS, but just semi active. It was great to have the missionaries in our home and to feel the spirit.

Sunday was a great, we watched conference at home with our laptop plugged into our TV. We stayed in our pajamas all day and we make a delicious roast in the crockpot! I love general conference.

So next Saturday is our one year anniversary!! It's gone by fast huh?

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  1. I love conference weekend. It's always a good time to reflect how I'm doing and to make resolutions to be better. I think that's why they have it every 6's about that time that I need a reminder to put my priorities in order! Glad your weekend was relaxing!