Friday, September 24, 2010

My Five Seconds of Fame

Where do I start?

Last night I got the phone call telling me where I needed to go for my big scene. They also sent an email of instructions, including please bring your own wardrobe, have clean, dry hair with no product in it...and three shades of lipstick. So Jed and I went on an adventure to our local thrift store I tried on several outfits and finally found a great navy blue pant suit with a light pink button up shirt!

I had to arrive at 10:30am and I immediately saw a bunch of big Universal Studios trucks and after getting checked in I was sent straight to wardrobe. I was the only one out of the group who's wardrobe they approved of, infant they loved it. My hair was already awesome because I did as they said and didn't put hair product in was big and really frizzy. After getting my wardrobe approved (well, after adding black stockings, and giant gold earrings), I went to the main trailer for hair. I was there for a while, just chatting away, asking questions, and saying things about all the big movie stars...I realized that the person doing my hair was trying to keep me turned a certain direction, which made me suspiceious and THEN I realized that there was some one famous in the trailer also getting their hair done just two chairs down from me. It only took me a second of listening carefully to know it was Kristen Bell...but I still asked "Oh my gosh! Is that Kristen Bell?!?" Then I realized by my tone that I could get out of control. I was too nervous to say anything to her. She started talking about how strange it was to see cooler with dutch tape coming around on the baggage carousal, until she realized that people were shipping fish and meat...I really wanted to tell her that wasn't the case, that really Alaska is just that cheap and really that redneck that we use Igloo Coolers for luggage! I finished my hair and they quickly rushed me out. No introductions, no autographs, no pictures you will just have to believe my word.Vinessa Shaw also came into the trailer and seemed very nice and cute...but I've never heard of her or recognize any movie that she's been in...but I feel it is note worthy!

Once we were all dressed with hair and makeup done they took us to an upstairs room in this dirty warehouse and told us we couldn't talk more than a whisper, we couldn't leave the room and they would call us shortly. Hours went by, I met some very nice people. My favorite was CĂ©lia an older woman from Brazil, I started to speak to her in portuguese and we talked the entire time. Come to find out she didn't really speak English and didn't know really what was going on. Once I started translating her personality really came out and she was a lot of fun, for everyone!

We sat around for many hours and then around 3pm finally they let us eat lunch. We were in a big open area of the a garage...but the food was really good. While we were sitting there we were all talking and I told them that I was in the trailer with Kristen Bell...I said "I am sure we won't be seeing any big names down here! I am sure they get to eat in the fancy part of the warehouse." Then the kid sitting across from me said "Isn't that Kristen Bell sitting right behind us?" So we all watched for a minute and sure enough it WAS! So as she walked by I said "We love you Kristen!" and she stopped for a second and was smiled and said "Thank you". We spent the rest of lunch trying to come up with ways to embellish the moment. It finally ended that Stacy (one of the ladies I met) and I would be having lunch tomorrow with Kristen, and the kid across the table got her number and had high hopes of getting a date.

We were then shuffled quietly back to the "Holding Pen" and waited for another hour before they led us down to the white house set. We all just sat there, we weren't supposed to show a lot of energy. We practiced about 5 times, then they shot the scene another, I don't know 10 times maybe. President Reagan came into the conference room and spoke a few lines. He was very fun and charming. His line apparently ended mid sentence so he finished his line differently each time...blaming the problems with the soviet union on the democrats, the republicans and my favorite was he went off on Nancy. The actor playing Reagan had a problem with fidgetting with his hands and the director Ken Kwapis (Director of the Office) didn't like it, so we had to re-shoot a bunch of times. We all walked away very certain that it was such a small scene that they are definitely going to cut it from the movie. So I have no pictures, no proof and I am sure if they need to cut any scenes it will be Reagan and the White House scene!

But it was fun! I got to practice my Portuguese and meet some fun people. Plus I saw Kristen Bell and Vinessa Shaw (who ever that is), and Ken Kwapis! I still hope to see Ted Danson and Drew Barrymore walking the streets of Anchorage!


  1. I totally think the best part is the lady from Brazil that you got to speak Portuguese with!

  2. LOVE the newscaster hair!!! Very cute Missy!

  3. Vinessa Shaw, she played Allison in Hocus Pocus! I loved that movie!!

    Well congrats on becoming a huge star!! Even if the scene is cut! Its amazing that you got to have that experience! I mean I am pretty sure I have it on my bucket list, but it will never happen.

    Love you 80's hair too!!

  4. That is so cool you got to do that! What has Kristin Bell been in? I feel out of the loop when it comes to celebs. Maybe since you were such convincing extras they won't cut your scene!

  5. that is so crazy. Maybe you can make it big in hollywood!

  6. i knew my daughter is the best of all even in the movies. what great experience.

  7. It was great to have you on set. Glad you enjoyed.