Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Hollywood...Is That You Calling?

This morning I received this email...basically from Hollywood!

Hello Sarah,
We thank you for auditioning for “Everybody Loves Whales.” This film
is about the grey whales caught in the ice near Barrow in 1988, their rescue and
the local, national and international press frenzy surrounding it all.
Yesterday, the film’s director, Ken Kwapis made his selections for the “White
House Scene” he hopes will be available to work on the film, if you’re receiving
this email, then you are part of that selected group.

Though cast
as extras, you will be seen and be an integral part of this film. Days
will typically be 12 hours, pay at minimum wage rates – roughly about 119.00 per
day with a warm meal half way through each day. You have been selected as a
White House Press member. This scene is scheduled to shoot on FRIDAY,
SEPTEMBER 24th in Anchorage.

I am really excited to be an extra. I think it is great that they are paying me $119.00 AND a hot meal. I was also thrilled to see that I would be going to the white house (*wink*) I've never been to Washington. I am not sure if I will be seeing or working with Drew Barrymore...I still don't know what her role is in the movie. So I may have some interesting stories ahead!


  1. I am so excited for you!!! What a cool opportunity!! So did the willy make it in the movie too?

  2. Holy cow Sarah. That's just way too cool!

  3. Sweet!! Congrats, that will be so much fun. I'm surprised they are paying too cuz I always thought extras were volunteers, so that's awesome too.

  4. See, Alaska IS the land of opportunity! But where in the world are they going to make something look like the white house?