Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Update

I had a long doctor's appointment today. I am currently at 28 weeks and so the appointments seem to go really quickly. However, today they needed to do the glucose test again. I had one glucose test at 8 weeks, because I have family history of diabetes and it was okay...but they had to check me again. Today was the long one, I had to fast for 12 hours which is just not fun while you are pregnant. Then they drew my blood, I had to drink the super sugary drink in less that 3 min (Jed timed me and kept me on track)...then wait an hour to get my blood drawn again. Jed and I weren't listening very well because we thought we were done after that. Both Jed and I were starving, we were planning lunch, only to find out that we had to wait yet another hour to get my blood drawn again. I was feeling really not so good at that point...but I survived. After we got some Quizno's and went back to work.

The appointment was really good, I am measuring at 29 ( I don't know if that is weeks, or how they determine that...she just said I looked good and measuring at 29...so...). I am keeping a more consistent weight and infact lost a little from the last time I was in, which is okay since last time she, Dr. Wiggins, mentioned that I had a spike in wieght gain that was kind of unusual. I think last time I had gained like 10 lbs in a month. The baby was going crazy because I had just drank the sugary fruit punch so he was kicking like crazy while Dr. W was trying to get the heart beat. The heartbeat was going up and down from 130-155, which she said is a really good thing and it is a sign of a healthy baby...Interesting I didn't know that. And now I need to start counting the kicks...which most days shouldn't be a problem, he seems to be doing flips and turns all the time.


  1. Are they testing you for gestational diabetes? Those tests sound bad. : (

  2. Measuring "29" means that you measure 29 cm from the pelvic bone to the top of the uterus--in other words, it's the length of your uterus. Ideally, you should be the same number of centimeters as how many weeks along you are. You sound nice and healthy.

    And that is a crazy, very exact, glucose test. At least I got to go home once they had the second blood draw. I'm sorry you had to wait an additional hour before getting to eat! Our doctor recommended going in on a Monday so I could fast all Sunday night and then go in first thing. Did you have a set appointment?

    I hope the results are good. Enjoy feeling the baby in your tummy!

  3. I can most certainly feel your pain on not eating for that long. I think I would literally die if I had to do that at this point! Glad you're doing so well. Can't wait to see your little guy's pictures soon!

  4. You are almost down to the last 10 weeks! Yay! Glad everything is going okay! I will be jealous when you have a cute baby boy to cuddle at christmastime and I will still be fat and pregnant. :)

  5. the test must have been ok? enjoy this time with the baby not too big not too small just easy to take care of no loss of sleep with baby crying yet