Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Weeks & TMI

Today, I had my 30 week check up appointment. Things are looking really good...I am still measuring right on and the heart beat is nice and strong. Little Paco (Paco is what I am calling him because we don't have a name picked out yet) is breech and always has been, so the doctor is keeping a close eye on that. I will be standing on my head for a while trying to get him to move around...he doesn't really have much room to move but I can feel him trying everyday.

After my doctor's appointment I got to have lunch with Nicole, which I haven't seen forever and it was really fun to talk to her. It really made my day and she made me laugh so hard with some of her stories.

Tonight, Jed and I went down to the fifth avenue mall. It felt like it took so much effort to finally go, we both started talking and then we started yawning and getting tired, but finally at 6:30pm we left the house. I am so glad we did too...the big adventure was primarily to go to Nordstrom's because I wanted to get fitted for a bra (surprisingly Jed's idea). Like my last post said I feel like I have gotten so big, and I have been having horrible back pain. I know this is probably TMI, but in a way I am kind of proud of my accomplishment without surgery....So before I moved to Alaska I was fitted for a bra and was a 34 B, tonight they measured me at a 34 DD! Needless to say the bra I was wearing was not nearly that big and it is no wonder I had back pain.

The other funny thing that happened earlier, and I was even telling Nicole this earlier today. It seems like the topic of my LDS garments, or "special Mormon underwear" have been coming up a lot lately. Starting with getting my first prenatal massage, the woman explained that I could get undressed but leave my panties on...well, i kind of panicked and went into a whole spill about garments and the church, which led to more questions. Which is good...probably, share the gospel... right? I don't know it was just awkward. Well, the next time I had a massage, I wasn't in a very chatty mood so when a different massage therapist said the same thing I just told her I wasn't wearing panties and left it at that. I figured, I would rather her thinking I was just going commando than have to spend the next hour of my 'relaxing' massage talking about it. I have also had my co-workers ask me questions about it, mostly whether they have maternity garments and how that works. Then more questions from co-workers when Rick Perry's pastor said we are a cult, some going back to my "special mormon underwear"....I was getting pretty tired of the garment question. Then without even thinking about it, going into the bra fitting what do you think came up again? Yeah, I had to explain the whole garment thing again! I didn't even see it coming, and this young girl had no idea about the LDS church or Mormons. I found myself panicking again and rambling, to the point that I started explaining about the temple and I said "one of the things we do in the temple is we are sealed to our husbands forever" then I worried about the plural use of the word husband and hurried and explained that we only have one husband and we don't believe in polygamy.....ahhhh it was just a total disaster, and I made it really awkward for both of us. I left the store certain that the young girl helping me, not only thought I was really weird but that definitely Mormon's are really weird. So I am not helping much on damage control when it comes to our church being a weird cult...hopefully, the Lord will see the intent of my heart. And for heaven sakes why is my underwear coming up so much in conversation lately?!


  1. I am totally laughing at all of your stories! It is kind of awkard, though, especially when you forget that the rest of the world still buys cute undies from Victorias secret ( I kinda miss that ) and I wish I got to eat lunch with you and Nicole! I hope your baby turns. Oh and our baby has the name "little brother" and probably will forever because Blake and I cannot agree on a name!

  2. Wait until you start breastfeeding and they might get to a 34G or 34H. I do have to warn you that your breasts will never be the same again. It is like blowing up a balloon and then after you stop nursing you let a little air out of the balloon and they look slightly deflated ever after. Sorry to burst your bubble. Congrats on having you undies be the talk of the town. I use to take a pair of regular underwear to put on during a massage just so I could avoid that whole conversation. Way to go tapping into your missionary roots.