Monday, November 14, 2011

My Zombie Themed Baby Shower

My co-workers threw a baby shower for me this weekend. They decided to have it be a "zombie theme"...I do have a love of zombies, so it wasn't just out of the blue. They used pictures from my Halloween costume to create the invitations.

All week it has been snowing like crazy, but Saturday right before the shower was starting it looked like a blizzard. But it's Alaska and it stop anyone from coming. Even some of my friends from Eagle River that said it was a complete white out. I guess that's the good thing about living in Alaska, a little snow doesn't slow us down.

We had the shower at Sicily's Pizza, which had a room we could reserve and it was a buffet pizza place. So everyone could buy their own buffet or just hang out with us. My co-workers did such an awesome job with decorations.
This little figure just added a special touch to the Zombie Themed was really funny and definitely a conversation starter. My boss, Dixi made these adorable little bibs with "PACO" on them...since we still don't have a name picked out...and I think everyone at work will forever call him Paco, no matter what we name him.
We also had these delicious cake pops that were decorated like little zombies...and they were so good!

We also played "Wack-a-Baby"
Where you can beat a baby pinata to get all our aggression out.

I was amazed that so many people came and supported me. It makes me realized that I have made more friends here than I imagined.
I also got tons of gifts...and really good stuff too!

I was so excited that Nicole came--even through a complete blizzard. It was like having a little piece of one of my best friends Courtney there too (because they are case you didn't know that.)

I had tons of fun going home and having 'show-and-tell' with Jed and all of the stuff we got.
Thank you for everyone that came and helped with the shower!
I love you all!


  1. Can I just say how fabulous you look? Seriously! You look awesome!!

  2. That is great! I wish i was closer! The wack a baby is super funny!!

  3. So funny! What an original (albeit creepy) theme!

  4. I agree, you do look fabulous. So jealous. Right now my face is to the point of the lovely puffiness and double chin I got with Brooke. Not cute. Your shower theme is too funny! Glad you got some great stuff, makes it feel a little more real, huh? And I am glad Nicole came to represent us! You know I would've come if I was closer!

  5. I was happy to represent the Utah contingency! I love having you so close too...its kind of like having a piece of my sister with me!

    Love you!!!
    and can't wait to meet Paco!