Monday, March 7, 2011

First Signs!

The First Sign: Today when I came home from work the sun was still shining. The Sun now rises at 7:39am and sets at 6:43pm...meaning we have 11 hours and 4 minutes of sunlight! It is so great to see the sun shining so much during the day! I can't wait for the long summer days!

The Second Sign: As shown in the video above...water dripping! Though it will freeze again this is starting to slowly melt. It is the best sound in the world to hear spring coming (Slowly).

The Third Sign: While I paused to listen to the water dripping I heard the song of a bird singing in the background! That is a sound that we don't hear all winter...well we hear the loud crowing of the disgustingly large black raven's but they are really gross and don't count. But the birds are migrating back!!! There is sign of LIFE again!

Three signs that this awful horrible winter is almost over!!


  1. I am officially offended on behalf of the ravens. They are BRILLIANT, and work in a symbiotic relationship with wolves (or so research attempts to prove.) Seriously though, ravens are brilliant birds. If you pay enough attention to them, they'll teach you stuff; like how to open things, if ever you have a beak.
    Anyway, glad to hear Winter is breaking up and Spring is inching its way in. We got snow tonight; though very wet and messy. Only about an inch accumulated. I'm not complaining about it; I know I'll be complaining about how hot and dry it is very soon, and how badly I'll wish for snow and cold.
    Say hey to Jed.

  2. Come on spring, you can do it!!! We are feeling the same way here, looking and hoping for ANY signs of spring.

  3. Sounds like its trying to warm up there. We are getting snow today right now as I speak. Glad you doing well.