Friday, February 4, 2011

You'll still be blessed

Yesterday Jed and I decided to go to the temple. The temple is really small up here so you have to call to make a reservation, so Jed called and made the reservation for the 8pm session, and the lady on the phone confirmed we were all set for the 8:00pm endowment session. We were running a little late had to rush to get there. When you go in the Anchorage temple you go in a little side room to remove your shoes and we rushed in threw our coats on the rack and walked up the little stairs to the recommend desk, where three temple workers were standing around talking. They immediately stop and starred at us, then exchanged glances with each other then asked "so what are you doing?"...umm, temple work I thought that's what we are supposed to do at the temple but Jed answered that we were doing and endowment session, again they glanced at each other and I thought we were too late...but there was still 15 min before the session was supposed to start. Then the gentlemen said, "well I guess you didn't get the message. The temple schedule changed and we only do a 7pm session rather than the 6pm & 8pm." So we missed it! But they assured us that we would be blessed for our efforts and they'd be sure to record our name in the computer. We turned around and got back into the truck that was still nice and warm and drove home. Going to the temple is so much easier than I remembered...And the truck was still warm!


  1. You definitly get an A for effort. The last two times we've gone we thought we had plenty of time and when we get to locker room all the workers are like "you have to hurry, the session is abou to go up!" which makes me feel rushed and stressed--not a good way to start out a session.

  2. we don't make it here very often either because we aren't used to having to set that appointment. It was so easy in ogden to have the sessions start every half hour!

  3. brownie points imo!! I need to get to the temple soon, I miss the days when I went 2 times a week. What happened?? /sigh