Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will it ever go away?!

I woke up this morning and got ready for work as usual...Just as I was about to leave the house I heard something outside that I thought sounded like a snowplow...but I quickly recognized it to be the garbage truck. In my mind I laughed to myself thinking...wouldn't it suck if it had snowed during the night! I didn't even think twice about it I gathered my things and went out the door to see that it snowed at least 6 inches, and still snowing big heavy flakes....AAAAAAHHHH!! I was so mad!

All the snow from November hasn't melted yet! Why are we getting MORE?!? It's awful! I didn't have a heavy coat on! and of course I was wearing little ankle socks so my feet were wet from just walking through the parking lot. By the time I shoveled all the snow from my car my hair, which I now straighten everyday, was just wet enough from the snow flakes to make it look out of control for the rest of the day. And because it's really slushy and wet the back of my pants are soaked clear up to my calf...even after being inside all day!

And it's still snowing and it's already's going to go all night! I can't even remember a world with out snow, I feel like the last few days when it finally reached the 40's was our it's over, winters starting again! GRRRR!


  1. no. it is never going to stop. But UT has had crappy weather too so I just pretend that we are all (the whole United States, even Florida) in this together. I tell ya, ignorance is bliss.

    ps- it snowed once in UT the day after school got out...In June!

  2. Come visit me. We have been in the 70/80's for 2 weeks now and the flowers are beautiful.

  3. Oh Sarah. I feel so bad for you!! Keep your chin up! You'll get through it. Just use it as a one more reason to make your husband snuggle with you at night with a cup of hot chocolate!!

  4. stay positive!! But I think I would cry I woke up and saw snow again. Vernal is in this little bubble where the rest of the state gets snow and we never do. It's a blessing and a curse.