Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buyers Remorse

On Wednesday I had my haircut. I was in a desperate need of getting a 're-shaping' and my curly hair was looking a little two "mom in the early 90's" who's perm was kind of fading but the frizz was sticking. I had in my mind what I wanted, "just add some layer, and re-shape it" I planned to say. Well then I got to the salon and it seems like no matter what I want before I walk into the salon I always feel like I need to significantly change my hair... I mean if I'm going to pay someone as much as I do to cut my hair they might as well do some real work! Well I give my speech to my stylist, then my moment of hesitation came through my voice, and out of now where I said, "I've been thinking about going back to the cut you gave me in November" And before I knew it she was cutting away. Well, now I have Buyers Remorse! I feel like I have to straighten it everyday to make it look good....which is not the best timing with Finals just around the corner!

My other buyers regret is Dove Deodorant. I've been using 'Secret' for years. So when my deodorant ran out, I thought it was time for a change, why not try a new brand? Well all week I've seriously regretted that Dove Deodorant, because it just didn't agree with my arm pits...and I was super sweaty all week. Don't worry though I got new Secret Deodorant last's all back to normal!

So there you go, my buyer remorse!

PS--just an update for the family...I am super busy trying to finish a few major projects for a couple of my classes. I have one early final this week, and then just those projects. I dropped out of Stat's so I no longer have to worry about the final, but I am still attending the class to get a heads up on next semester.

I registered for classes this summer, and also in the fall. If I work my tushy off this summer I may actually be back on track for a spring '11 graduation. I'm not too hopeful for that so I am shooting for fall '11!


  1. I think your cut is cute! But, I'm not the one who has to straighten it each morning either :( I've decided that I like cuts that are shorter, but just barely long enough for me to pull into a ponytail on a lazy day. And trust me, there are a lot of those! I don't blame you for ditching stats--that is a tough class! good luck on finals. I'm proud of you for sticking with school!

  2. Love the new hair cut. Sorry about the "have to straighten" business though. I have the opposite problem to deal with...curl won't stay EVER. And I'm so with you on Secret deoderant. LOVE IT!

  3. Have you ever had a haircut that you REALY liked. Sounds real familiar. Good luck on your finals.Dad

  4. Love the hair! I would think of it this way, if you got a brand spankin new cut you never had before, you would have to spend a lot more time learning how to style it everyday then this cut that you have already had before.

    Good luck on finals! You'll do great :D

  5. darling cut!
    There is a fantastic product that might interest you. It's a spray powder and you spray it onto your scalp and it absorbs the oil. It comes in brown, white and red. I absolutely love it, especially for those early morning final days. It allows you to wear your style one more day. I would just wear a shower cap in the shower, blow dry the sides if it got a little wet, spray, flat iron a few spots and was on my way.
    It's a little expensive (like $30) but well worth it and you don't need a lot. It's made my Bumble and Bumble and only sold in salons.

    And I did the SAME thing with the dove deodorant last week. BIG mistake. Love the secret!

  6. I have always been a suave deoderant girl. And had the same mistake when I tried to switch to dove too!! super sweaty armpits. gross! Love the hair. And I know the feeling about making them "work" at the salon. I had to swallow that and get over it when I went shorter. anyway, the hair is super sexy on you...good luck with FINALS!!!!