Thursday, April 1, 2010

I should blog...but what?

I should be doing homework...but after Tuesday's unfortunate statistic's test, I have been left unmotivated. I guess i'll just give you a quick update. I am trying to pass my statistics class, but I got a 12 (Yes, a twelve), the sad thing is I felt fairly confident about that one. So, I have two options: Fail...with a big D- or F, or withdraw and get a big W on my transcript. That is all I want to say about that!

I got my new Shape Magazine today for April....just another reminder that I have gained yet another pant size since I've moved to Alaska. Surviving Alaska's winter had it's costs...a few extra pounds and a big lumpy butt. But good thing I'm married now because I have no one to impress.

I washed the layers and layers of dirt off my fact, they had me drive through the car wash twice because it was still dirty....when I was done my car was so white it was almost blinding. You see...they don't plow the roads here in AK they just through done sand and gravel. Besides that many places don't even pave their parking lots because 8 months of the year it if covered in thick ice and snow...(this is my work parking lot). As the snow melts it creates such a muddy mess!

That's my life...and Jed made dinner tonight but put it in the freezer to "cool" off...unfortunately it cooled off too much and is now frozen..."but at least I didn't burn it" he says. Bon Appetite!

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  1. Oh my you are too funny Sarah. What a funny update!