Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sparkling V-ver

I haven't been around much--on Facebook or Blog because...well first, I've been trying to catch up with school, but then after all that is done I have been stuck on this stupid book! I enjoyed the first of the Twilight novel series. Almost three years ago I read the first book in a day and felt super excited about the new ideas of sparkling vampires. Then I started the second 'New Moon'--BLAH ( it made me sick) so I took a break. Well when the 'New Moon' movie came out I caught the Sparkling V-ver (Vampire fever) again. I was drawn to find this book and finally got my hands on a copy of 'Eclipse'...it took me a couple months to get through it, and I found it somewhat enjoyable. So while I was in Utah I stole my mom's copy of 'Breaking Dawn'--and it's captured my attention and stole away all my spare time.
Infact as we speak I have only three chapters waiting for me in my car that I had to pry myself away from this morning. All day I've been thinking about how they (the sparkly Vampires in my novel) are 'in the clearing' with the Volturi approaching...all their lives endangered...and there they all are just sitting and just waiting for me to return so something may happen! OH THE SUSPENSE!

I'll be back to normal by tomorrow! See you all then! Love ya!


  1. Yeah! Glad you are alive, thought for a while that you wer taken out by a moose or fell into a large pot-hole in the melting snow! I know, I was addicted to the twilight series, like reading in Costco when I bought the last book. Crazy but so good in a really odd and never-going to happen way. Love you. Annette

  2. I am extremely addicted to Twilight...I have Kensey's DVD copy of New Moon right now. I like the books waaayyyy more though. Enjoy! Bec~