Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Merry North Pole Adventure

This weekend we took a long drive and ended up in the North Pole. We went to do a favor for my sisters. It was a fun excuse to get away! We drove up Friday and stayed over night in Fairbanks. Then spent a few hours in North Pole before we headed back! There is nothing like eating ice cream at 0 degrees! It's nice because it doesn't melt!

The roads were pretty slick. It was like that TV show Ice Truckers.
But we finally arrived at our destination....Where the Spirit of Christmas Lives All YEAR ROUND!!! YAY!
Everything in North Pole is themed around Christmas...including all the light poles and business signs. The most popular is the Santa Claus House...the largest gift shop completely full of Christmas items. We had tons of fun walking around. There were some ice sculptures, reindeer, Santa himself was there...but since it is so close to Christmas he was kind of busy, getting ready and all ;)

We sat in the ice sled twice...It was really stinkin' cold. Like sitting on an ice cube (in the freezer). Over all it wasn't too cold in North Pole it was about 10 degrees.

Ice sculptures

And that was our Merry North Pole Adventure!


  1. I love your furry hats. You guys are so funny. Of course you need to go to the North Pole while you are so close!

  2. Love it! The striped mcDonald's is the best! And I never thought about ice cream that didn't melt. A new concept!~

  3. I always wondered if it would be worth it to eat ice cream in weather cold enough for it to not melt because you're already really cold! Looks like a really fun place to visit--glad you had fun!

  4. That looks like so much fun, but way too cold for me! By the way, I LOVE your hat.

  5. Thats a once in a lifetime experience, imo, to see where Santa really lives. Brillant!