Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sleepless Nights

All week I have been waking up at 3am and can't fall back to sleep. Earlier this week I was having the worse nightmares, one about a gorilla zombie. I have crazy dreams that someone is hunting me and I am running and hiding, or people have killed my family and are looking for me, or someone has beat up my friends and are coming for me. It is crazy!

But tonight I have been awake since 3:15 and it is now 5am! It is awful, I thought the sleepless nights came later on in pregnancy.

So is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my 24 weeks pregnant?! Or anyone have any ideas so I can atleast rest some before I become ginormous and before the baby comes.


  1. Oh Sarah, I am right there with ya! I have had the worst time sleeping! I feel tired but lay there forever and I wake up at least 2 times to pee. Then by 6 am I am wide awake. Plus I am starting to get major heartburn at night too. As for suggestions: try a body pillow. I never used one but people swear by them. What I ended up doing when I was pregnant with Brooke was sleeping on the couch. Our couch became my new favorite sleeping spot...dont ask me why. And even this time when I can't sleep I can hear the couch calling my name ;)

  2. I had crazy dreams too. Usually someone/thing trying to hurt someone I love. That or something completely random it could never happen in real life. I found that drinking some hot chocolate or herbal tea helped me get back to sleep on those nights I was up for hours in the middle of the night. Once I couldn't sleep through the night in my second tri, I never slept a full night again. I just thought it was natures way to prep me for getting up with a newborn.

  3. sorry you are having crazy dreams can't be fun and
    you must be tired I guess you miss Jeds snoring.

  4. I came across your blog from the SFHS 2002 blog and I just have to say that I have been feeling exactly the same as you, and I'm pretty sure we are due around the same time. My due date is December 25... Whats yours? I was extrememly sick my first tri, I even paid a visit to the ER to get an IV. But I am 19 weeks on Friday July 29 and I am feeling much better this 2nd tri. I am having a hard time sleeping too and I still get nauseous every now and then. I also have crazy dreams. I know we didnt talk much in high school but it was fun to come across your blog and know that someone is going through the same things I am! I hope all goes well!