Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Little Yogi

Baby Belly
21 Weeks
I went to my first prenatal yoga class...I found a great Groupon for a yoga studio in town. I have been trying to get to this class for a few months, but in the beginning I was too sick, and then in the last few weeks it seems like something always comes up and I can't make it. The studio only offers the class on Sunday and Tuesdays. Tuesday's is kind of early in the evening for me to get off work, so everything has to go just right for me that day for me to actually make it. Anyways, it was great. It's definitely not as intense as my Bikram class, but it was fun to meet a bunch of other pregnant women. It was exciting to see a few women who were 40 weeks, just waiting for the baby to come, but they were still able to do everything and they looked great.

It was really fun to feel the baby moving, during this class they begin by doing the chanting/singing thing and wow, the baby was excited about it, and the whole time it moved around TONS, it was just rolling around. So I think I have a little yogi...or hippie, he seemed to really come alive during class.


  1. What a fun bonding experience! And I LOVE your photo collage! Just look at your gorgeous baby bump!

  2. Sarah, you look so good! And it sounds like he will be quite energetic, like his mom!

  3. So cute!! You look so good :)

  4. that is a very good baby bump and it is a very good grandchild

  5. I heard that pre-natal yoga is way good for you and your baby and helps make labor a lot easier so yeay for you!!! I love seeing the cute baby-bump pictures!!! :o) Miss you LOTS!!