Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Long Update

Line to get into the Alaska State Fair

Here is a big update...starting from the most recent events. This weekend Jed and I went to the Alaska State Fair! It is always something to look forward to, this year it was really cold...I was freezing; it was 50 degrees, but luckily it didn't rain.

Largest Cabbage at the Fair

The largest pumpkin! In fact this pumpkin is one of only 4 ever grown pumpkins in the world that exceeded 1700lbs...but unfortunately, it was disqualified because there was a small hole in the bottom of it.
Also, I got that cute new hat at the fair because I was freezing!
Jed and I enjoying our favorite deep fried fair food

Last week when I got back from Utah I came home to a different season. While I was in Utah it was so hot, upper 90's definitely summer but when I returned to Alaska it was already autumn and in the low 50's and the leaves were already starting to fall.

This week we had a doctor's appointment, but there was nothing exciting to report. I am measuring right on at 24 weeks and the baby's heart beat was strong. I have been collecting a few more things for the baby. Just today with the Labor Day Sale I got this super cute outfit at Baby Gap.

So Jed and I flew down to Utah for Jed's brother's was a great excuse to go home for a little bit and visit all the family. It was so nice to feel some warm weather also!

This is the only picture that Jed and I took of the bride & groom, (oh, actually...where is the groom? I guess we didn't get any pic's of them together) we were so busy visiting with everyone we didn't take too many pictures.
This is my cute, pregnant, swollen and jet-lagged pose.

While I was in Utah, I had a list of places I wanted to eat...including Beto's breakfast burrito, Barry's in Sp-ork, Rumbi's Island Grill, and Jamba Juice.

My favorite was the Jamba Juice!! I am now on a mission here at home to recreate a smoothie that tastes like a jamba.

I loved being at home! I love Utah especially being at home in was fun to just sit on the front porch and visit with the family.
Courtney Due Feb 9th, Me due Dec 24th & Sandy Due March 3rd

Finally, I was really excited and lucky to spend time with two of my best friends. It was so great to see them and spend time with them...they have been my closest friends since high school and now we are all pregnant at the same time. We went shopping in Park City and they helped me pick out some cute things for the baby.


  1. Sarah, your posts make me smile! So glad you're doing well!!

  2. Have you tried the new Mango Pineapple smoothie at McDonalds? Its no Jamba, but it does have lest calories and is quite tasty! Also Fruitland up here. There is one in the 5th Ave mall, the Mall at Sears, and in the Target Plaza on Muldoon. They are good too. I wanted Jamba with Carter but we lived in Delaware and all I could get was 7-11 slushies. Not a good substitute.

    And we are seriously getting together SOON!!!!

  3. So glad I got to see you! And there should be a care package of my favorite baby things coming your way soon!

  4. That pumpkin is awesome! I love fairs. And I love that outfit!