Saturday, December 10, 2011

37 Week Update

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It was my 37 week check up... Today I am 38 weeks and celebrating that I am almost done with this pregnancy. Things are looking really good I am 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I did find out that I tested positive for the group b strep... so I will have to get an antibiotic while I am in labor and there may be a chance that they will keep me and paco an extra 24 hours to make sure that he doesn't get. I am feeling pretty good, really busy though.

This past week was a crazy week for us, I had a bunch of homework to finish up early this week. I did some Christmas shopping and wrapped presents. One of my co-workers passed away unexpectedly last week, she fell through some ice and got caught in the current was trapped under the ice. It was really sad and unexpected, so it has been a hard week at work for many of us. I went to her service on Wednesday, which was really interesting because it was a Buddist service, they did a lot of chanting and burning was cool to be a part of. And Paco loves chanting, he must be a little budha because in my yoga class he is very active when we chant. Then we also went to a charity event that Jed's job was hosting for the Make a Wish Foundation. Last night I finished up the last of my homework, and I am just getting ready to go take my last final. So after I take this final I am going to start walking ALOT. I also have my work Holiday party tonight so there will be lots of dancing....I want this baby to come early enough that Jed can be around to help, and since he is now on 3 weeks of vaction before the New Year....I am ready!


  1. Oh i hope you go early! How exciting that you are down to the final weeks. I am getting anxious to get there myself. I have my group b strep test in 2 weeks. I was positive with Brooke and it was fine. Go walking lots! Can't wait to see him and hear what you name him.

  2. Well, hopefully the stress from your busy week this week will help him to come early!

  3. Staying busy is the best way to get through the time until Paco makes his appearance. Good luck. You are going to make one great mommy!