Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Have you seen these? I know you have! I think they may be the worst fashion statement ever. However, I know that they are amazingly comfortable...but, is that really any excuse to wear them out in public, to church, or work? I know a lot of people in the medical field wear them and I will forgive those people, because they look okay with scrubs. But I don't think people should wear their bright pink crocs to church or to a restaurant...

Since I am living in a cabin and I have to go outside to go to the bathroom I decide that crocs would be okay to own...
then when I went online I saw THESE!
I just got them yesterday! They are just as comfortable as the ugly ones, but these are much cuter!
I want to congratulate Crocs for finally designing a normal looking shoe! not only normal but cute! Just goes to show you can be comfortable without looking horrible!


  1. I wear my pink ones everywhere (((blush)))

  2. Those are really cute! Do they rub on your heel though? And I agree with you...crocs should not be paired with anything except scrubs, PJs, or your bathrobe as you run out to get the paper in the morning :)