Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RIP cell phone!

My phone just went crazy. It was doing just fine, it is the first cell phone I've had that didn't break after the first month I had it. It was fast and did everything I wanted without problems...but then without notice it just decided it had enough. It died, then started to load and load, but never got anywhere. My warranty has expired but good thing I have insurance. I was really hoping this was a great excuse to get an iPhone, but they are really really expensive in the middle of your contract. My contract is up in November so I will get the iPhone then. Meanwhile they are sending me a replacement phone, and I am using Jed's old phone.

I finally decided about my Job, my boss called me and said she realized how crazy things must appear and she found a schedule that will work for both of us. Mon, Tues, Wed 7:30am-12:30, with the same young man. Also because this client is higher needs they are going to pay me $18/hr to work with him. I couldn't refuse that! She also offered me the Care Coordination position if I were to stay in Fairbanks....I really don't want to live in Fairbanks all year, but it was nice of her.


  1. wahoo! That schedule sounds great! Glad things are working out for you.