Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Pioneer Adventure

Yesterday Jed and I slept in. It happens alot with Jed working graveyards. He can't fall asleep until wee hours of the morning, and I can't stay awake. The problem is, I don't wake up with him sleeping next to I sleep for like 12 hours! I don't know how I do it but it really messes me up.

Well anyways, we slept in and didn't really have anything to do. Feeling slightly homesick, because it is the 24th of July weekend and my family is all together celebrating at Spanish Fork Fiesta Days...I knew we needed to do something fun and memorable. So we decided to drive somewhere! We packed our cooler, grabbed sleeping bags and a tent, just in case we liked it so much we wanted to sleep over. Then stopped for gas, before we decided which direction we would go. There are only so many choices from fairbanks, our choices were: Manly Hotsprings, a 150 mile dirt road, Circle also a dirt road for 161 miles, the Artic Circle (I don't know how many miles I think 300-400) or down around Cantwell.

We decided Circle...which is a little town along the Yukon, with pop. of 94. It was a beautiful drive. It was a little scary when we got into town, because it is not a tourist type of town, we didn't dare get out of the car because we were afraid some redneck would get out his shot gun for trespassing. We ended up camping about 3o miles south of was the bestest spot ever! We built a camp fire and everything! The whole time we were there only two cars passed, and we were right next to the main road (the only road). It was very quiet! I hope to have pics soon.

Happy Pioneer Day! Hope you all had fun at the Rodeo, the parade, and the quilt show! ;) Love you all miss you tons!


  1. You guys did something more exciting than us for pioneer day! It's so fun to just pick and up and go somewhere. We didn't do anything this year--just lit a few of our own fireworks so Brooke could watch them & then went to bed.

  2. sounds like you had fun and you cannot beat being by the fire and out in nature. we missed you for the 24th. but glade you had fun.