Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So today I got a package from my two nephews B & W. They called early to see if I had gotten it. I was surprised that they had sent me anything. They sent me this cute little sign (above)...because I have an outhouse..

and then also included in the package was...
A TV remote??
Hmm... I wonder why they sent their TV remote? I thought.
So I am on the phone with Hilpy trying to figure out why she sent me a Remote, only to find out that she hadn't! At first I thought it was just one of Hilpy's ways of teasing me. Like when she is at my parents house and answers the phone and pretends I must have called her home accidentally.
But she was really sincerely confused.
She asked B&W if they sent me a remote...and they were very confused. Then really curious. So I sent her this picture to see if she had accidentally sent me her remote...but they have never seen it before.

The Mystery Remote!
I am hoping no one put illegal drugs in it and is trying to smuggle it into the country!
Maybe someone is now really sad because their package is missing a remote.
Are you missing yours?


  1. too bad it is not a universal remote, at least it would be useful to you!

  2. hmmmm... that is weird. maybe it's a message from the universe saying it's time to move back to the city & running water j/k Oh, and I did a little blip on my blog about Kristina Curtis and did a link to your wedding pics. I hope that's okay :) If not, I'll take it off.