Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend.

Friday was our date 'day'...since pretty much spend the entire day doing dating activities. First we bought a new Frisbee and went to a soccer field on campus...Frisbee is hard! It is an intense workout too! Especially for us, we really suck and can't aim very well...well at least I really can't throw!
It was a really nice day, bright and sunny, hot about 83 degrees!

Then we went to see the movie Salt with Angelina as a Russian spy! It was good, it kept me guessing the whole movie. I was glad I saw it early.

Then we went to North Pole to eat at Pagoda...which is the best Chinese food in Alaska, by like a million times. It seems it is so hard to find good Chinese food. Jed and I seem to have bad luck with Chinese food...even before we were together, back when we were just friends we went to probably the worst Chinese restaurants ever! So of course we finally find a good one just before I'm moving back to Anchorage.

This weekend we also bought Jed's new truck (I'll post a picture soon...I can't find a 'look-a-like' picture on google)
That was pretty much an all day event.

I also spent about 4 hours cleaning my car, inside it gets so dusty living on a dirt road. I shampooed the carpets and everything. I also killed my battery...and was stuck at the cabin for four hours while Jed was driving out to Healy to get the new truck. It was frustrating considering we had two other vehicles in our driveway...but with no keys!
Sunday I also spent about 5+ hours working on the new truck! It was way worse than my car. The former owner worked in a mine and also had his little girl in it all the time...Kid mess is way worse to clean. I think she was a fan of smashing licorice nibs into the carpet.

It was a good weekend...but it went by too fast.


  1. Can't wait until you come back! Thanks for the update :) By the way, my new blog addy is

  2. You have been busy! Why do you have so many cars? I couldn't help but laugh about eating Chinese food at the North Pole--it just sounded so weird. We have terrible Chinese food in Vernal. I have actually asked Blake "what is that in my food?" Not a good sign!!