Saturday, August 21, 2010


I spent another weekend cleaning my apartment! I think the vinegar is starting to work, but I also read the coffee grinds help absorb the smell. I have about 20 nylons full of coffee grinds hanging around. I washed the windows, put baking soda on the carpets. Have any of you ever moved into a place that had a chain smoker living there? I guess I got my mom's hyper-sensitive sense of smell because it drives me crazy!

But in addition to washing walls I hit some garage sales this morning and also I went with my co-worker to the Saturday's market...while at one of the garage sales I got some really cool plants! They are kind of crazy but maybe they will help freshen things up! I think I am going to call them Oscar & Jerry...let's see if I can keep them alive during the winter when there is no sunlight!

Above: Oscar

Below: Jerry

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  1. I honestly don't think I've ever heard of anyone selling plants at a garage-sale. Good for them for not just throwing them away like I would have :) I hope your efforts pay off with the smell. I have a sensitive nose too. When we look at houses as soon as I step in the front door I can tell if someone smokes or if they have a pet or whatever. I am always smelling things that don't seem to bother Blake. Good luck!!