Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Some Randomness

Just some randomness!

Our happy little family, including the new truck, my car and the Willy's
Jed's new truck! It's really dirty because we just got back from Anchorage when I took this picture.
My little flower garden...home grown in the Midnight sun!
I finally figured out what my mystery plant was! I thought it was maybe a pepper plant...turns out it is a sunflower! I'm surprised it bloomed at all!
Crossing the Nenana Bridge!
It was a long trip! We spent the majority of the time in the truck driving around looking for a place to live! We were both very happy to be so close to home!
My snacks and new water bottle!

At the Tanana Valley State Fair Leah and I got Glittery Tattoos! We also ate sooo much food, and found some really fun things! And Finally!!
Yesterday was the annual ULCER ride...the 100+ mile ride around Utah Lake. I have fond memories of this ride...and I was unable to make it down to ride it this year. Every year Mama Beck, my sister Annette and I rode together! I rode after only two weeks from returning from my mission! I flew down last year just to ride...But this year it didn't happen and that is okay because Mama Beck is in bed, on a twelve week recovery from a nasty bike crash! So if Becky can't do it, none of us were going to do it. Annette also didn't ride this year. I thought of them though and really missed them...especially on our drive home we passed a gas station in Nenana that had 3 beautiful cyclists taking a break, and it really reminded me of all the good times!


  1. The only solace in not riding the ULCEr on Saturday is that the weather was windy all day and stormy in the afternoon. I am sure that was a blessing so I did not miss it or you so much. Glad you found a place to live in Luxury with running water and all. Love you. Annette

  2. ha! I love randomness! Jed's truck looks great--now just what to do with that 3rd car? hmmm....So did you ever find out if your carpet and cabinets will be replaced in your new apartment?

  3. 3 cars? you guys look like us. One that kind of works, one that make sense and a truck. I had to laugh at your comment on your last post that you couldn't find a place with spots for 3 cars. I wanted to say, "Really?" in a mock-shock tone. Anyway, I am sad that it looks like summer is coming to a close. I hope we get a few more days of sun first...