Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Famous!

I can't keep a secret! Jed was hoping to keep it a secret and then surprise everyone! But it's legitimate, they are filming "Everybody Loves Whales" Starring Drew Barrymore here in Anchorage. They are considering using the Willy's in the's going to be FAMOUS!!! Maybe Drew Barrymore will drive it? Or John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) is also starring in the film!! It's so exciting!! I am going to try to audition to be an extra and maybe we will both be famous!


  1. Will there be a credit? You know like right after Drew's name, "Willy's owned by Jed." Maybe you can meet them. When are they filming? That is awesome. I can say, "Hey, you know the truck they used. I know the owner." And then I will get invited to big parties because I know the Willy's owner.

  2. we will be looking forward to seeing the movie and all that will be famous in it.