Sunday, August 15, 2010

From Fairbanks to Anchorage

I finally finished my mini-mester at University of Fairbanks...well kind of I have one more paper to submit by tomorrow. But Jed and I decided to go to the Tanana Fair before we started packing!
The fair is awesome, it is small, but it has some really good food! We only had time for, corn on the cob that had been completely submersed in butter, deep fried chip-on-a-stick, Denali Creme puffs with a gallon of rich chocolate syrup on top, deep fried elephant ears, lemonade with vanilla. It was delicious!

I really love Fairbanks! It was a beautiful summer, warm and sunny all summer long!
But alas! Summer must end.
Jed and I moved into our dive of an apartment Thursday evening. We arrived to find that the carpet had not been fully installed...and that they only decided to replace the front room, not the bedrooms carpet. Also, they only painted where they had patched holes, with white paint over a creamy tan looks great!
So needless to say it didn't help the smokey smell one bit! This is our fabulous kitchen...with bright orange counter tops.
(note the color in comparison to the fire extinguisher)
This is my favorite part the big windows...also because I can open the window and the smokey smell kind of passes for a minute.

We found an awesome couch at a clearance center and Jed recruited his co-worker to help move it up the stairs (3 flights of awkward stairs)

We were both really tired after moving everything in...but Jed had to turn around and drive back to Fairbanks!
Our summer fling ended!

Jed won't be back until school starts, about a week and a half...then he'll be back almost every 'weekend'.

I start working again tomorrow and I have walls to wash to see if the smoke smell will go away.


  1. Boo! You should stay in Fairbanks!!!

  2. Sarah!!! Try these! I am telling you they work wonders!!!

  3. Oh I hope you can get the smokey smell out--you don't want all of your stuff to smell like smoke. I love that your apartment has a fireplace! How cool is that?! Do you think your landlord would let you guys paint yourselves? It might be worth it if you plan on being there a while. Also, how much longer will Jed be in Fairbanks? Doesn't he work in Anchorage full time part of the year? Good luck with the rest of your move!

  4. Yikes! Good luck! I wish I knew tricks to getting out the smell. I hope it goes well for you guys!

  5. I was thinking to maybe try vinegar? I know it works wonders on hard water. or just run a whole bunch of febreeze through a hose and hose the place down. How long is your lease? you can always keep looking?