Friday, August 6, 2010

Now Leasing!

Jed and I came to Anchorage this week to find an apartment. It was really frustrating! Rent is so expensive in Anchorage. For a 1-2 bedroom it is around $1000! That is the price for really ghetto looking apartments, in shady parts of town. We tried calling a bunch of places and no one called us back, so we drove by about 16 places. Most of them did not have parking space available for three vehicles. We finally got an appointment to see one, after seeing the apartment...we were so worried we weren't going to find anything, we were willing to take it even though it was more than what we wanted to pay...but then the manager told us that they didn't have anything available until September.

Why did you just waste our time showing us that apartment?! Which is not even available?!

We did get a hold of another property manager that dogged us the night before by telling us to call him back around 5pm and when we called the office closed at 4pm.

That worked out. The place is a nice looking area, with plenty of parking! It is close to the freeway, closer to campus and work. Plus it was in our price range! It has a washer and dryer, two bedrooms and a fire place!

It unfortunately had horrible carpet stains, a bad paint job and horrible smokey smell...since the last tenant smoked. So we tried to negotiate the rental price...instead the manager agreed to replace the carpet! Plus they might replace the hideous bright red kitchen counter tops. Hopefully that will take care of the smokey smell. If not any ideas?

So we just signed a lease...and we can move in next week! (as planned!)
Pictures coming soon!


  1. Yay!! That sounds perfect for you guys. And this is truly your "first place" together where you can make it a home. As far as the smokey smell, I would also ask for new paint in the entire apartment. They make the kind that supposedly eliminates odors--so hopefully that with new carpet will help the smell. When do you move back to Anchorage?

  2. I just have to say, that the mansion in Heaven being prepared for you two is going to be 10 times the size of mine because of all the places you have to live on earth! Good luck with it all!

  3. Hurray for a place to live! As for smoke, I heard you can paint the walls with kilz as a primer and then a layer of paint. Maybe you can negotiate a rent cut one month if he provides the paint and you provide the labor to paint it. Oh and the best Thai food in Alaska is in Glennallen in a Purple Truck parked at the Tesoro!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you found a place!