Monday, January 9, 2012

My Baby

It has been a very busy month! But can you believe it? It is already been 4 weeks. My little Paco is growing so much, he is starting to get little chubby rolls on his thighs and his arms. He is almost out of the newborn diapers and the newborn clothes are getting a little snug on him. He is overall such a good baby, he doesn't fuss too much---and now that I've figured out the breastfeeding thing I'm doing much better...and he is putting on the pounds. He is very wide eyed and awake most of the day and night. He usually just wants to sit up and look around...he will fight to stay awake, I don't think he wants to miss anything.
My mom came on the 26th to help and she has been such a huge help! She is so helpful and as a Newborn ICU nurse she had all sorts of tricks. She taught him how to take a Binky, which right now I am very glad he takes one but if he becomes dependent on it I know who to blame. Not only has she been very helpful with things around the house and with Paco, it has been so nice to have her here and to spend time with her.

She is in the bedroom right now packing her bags to go home.
I am really really going to miss her.

I know she is ready to go home but I am sad to see her leave...I miss my family.

Not only do I miss my family but tomorrow will be the first day that I am left alone. I am not so much scared of being left alone to take care of the baby I think I have that taken care of...I am sad to be alone.
I was putting left overs away after dinner tonight and thinking to myself, I will have to eat lunch alone tomorrow and it made me really sad...I think I will be very ready to go back to work just to have some social interaction.
Paco and his daddy...aren't they adorable? ;)


  1. What a cute baby! Just talk to him and you won't feel alone.

  2. He is so cute (elliot) Dad looks a little scary in that photo! lol

  3. Do you know any other moms that live by you that are home during the day? It is never too early for "play groups" I used to go to one when Brooke was tiny and didn't play at all. We'd meet a couple times a week for lunch or just in the afternoon to talk. I always looked forward to those. And I understand about being alone too. The first time Blake left for work and I was with brooke I bawled and bawled. Finally, I got it together and realized it wasn't so bad after all :) Elliot sure is a cutie!

  4. I hope you and Paco are surviving all the snow up there! He is a cutie!