Saturday, January 21, 2012

My List

Before I had Elliot I was worried about what I would do during my Maternity leave. I thought that it was going to be a long 8 weeks before returning to work, so I started a mental list of things that I could do to keep me busy while I was stuck at home. That list included:
  • Make a quilt for Elliot
  • Edit all our home videos with iMovie and post them on YouTube for the family to see
  • Go to the Apple store for some One:One training on how to use iMovie
  • Blog
  • Get caught up on my DVR recordings
  • Rent all the cheesy chick flicks, and Disney movies that Jed would endure watching with me but would not I thought I could get them out of the way while he was at work.
  • Finish some other craft projects that have been lingering for longer than two years.
  • Take naps
  • work out and get my rockin' body back ;)
  • Read a book
  • Re-pot one of my house plants
  • Have the house clean and dinner ready when Jed got home from work

Guess how many of those things I've been able to do in the last six weeks? Well, I have a quilt top done for Elliot, but that is because my mom helped me with the hard parts while she was here. I've been able to read 1.5 books, which is kind of a big deal since I am usually in school and I don't have time to read anything (really I just don't want to because I am too tired). Taking a nap hasn't happened, because by the time I get the laundry changed and eat breakfast/lunch/dinner Elliot is ready to eat again. My DVR keeps backing up and I haven't rented any movies have to leave the house to rent a movie, except with netflix, but I keep forgetting to update our Que to add all those cheesy movies. As far as having the house clean and dinner ready for Jed when he gets home...I think it is an unrealistic goal and it probably won't ever happen.

After a few weeks off this is my realistic To Do list:

  • Feed Elliot
  • Eat Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner & snacks in between
  • Remember to get a glass of water, my phone, the iPad/book, and TV remote before sitting down to feed Elliot ---because once I am down I am pretty much grounded and it can be really boring staring at the wall while he is chowing down.
  • Brush my teeth---at one time I had the high expectation to shower everyday...but that was too much. I may actually be able to reapproach that goal now that Elliot and I have got a better routine.
  • change out of my bathrobe---even if it is just into yoga pants
  • Then if any time is left over I can reapproach my previous list of things to do.

So that is why I have been away, which I am sure I don't need to explain, most of you reading this have gone through this stage of life and probably even tried to warn me about it...but we all have to learn our own way.

Elliot is growing everyday! I don't know how big he is but I know he is out grown 90% of his newborn clothes. That is sad to see those little outfits be put away, I don't want him to grow up but at the same time I want him to grow up more than offense but newborns are kind of boring, Elliot is not much of a conversationalist. He is however, very alert and always wide eyed and watching me. He wants to see everything and I can see his little eyes watching and learning new things everyday.

As busy as things have been Jed and I have been able to get out a little bit and go on some hikes with Elliot which was fun. Elliot was really good he didn't fuss and he seemed to stay really warm ( I would assume he would cry if he was uncomfortable, right?)
I love this picture of Jed & Elliot on our hike on Flat Top, the sun makes it look like we are summiting the mountain but in reality we are not even close...and the sun is setting on us because we (rather I) was too slow.

This could be argued that it is a picture of a gassy baby, but he was smiling and I am claiming this as his first Captured Smile!


  1. Well i bet it has been a great learning experience for you. At least on your list of things to do you brushed your teeth everyday!! Little Elliot is so cute! I bet he was just thinking how nice it was to have a full belly and gave you a great smile!! You are doing great keep up the good work!

  2. I love that smile picture! And I am pretty sure that EVERY woman loads her "To Do" list with more than she can reasonably do, at whatever stage of life she is in. :D

  3. Oh he is adorable Sarah. And don't beat yourself up! You're doing the most important things right now...meeting the needs of a baby that he couldn't possibly meet himself. Love you!

  4. What a sweet little guy! I love your list of things to do. I too have made a list, well daily schedule, for when I am home all day with the baby and Brooke. I am sure half of it won't happen. My biggest worry is that Brooke will feel like she isn't getting attention and will destroy our house while I am on the couch nursing and can't move. Good luck with your upcoming trip. I bet you are super excited to see you family. Wish I was coming :(

  5. Oh the lists that don't get finished are just starting my dear. So sorry about that. I still will always choose a nap over just about anything else...

    And hey I tagged you in a blog post. Want to play along?