Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ummm....what can I say

Aren't we a beautiful family?
It's been a while...but I like that my last post was about my first day of work. It has gotten better, I shouldn't complain but really it is tough to do the working mom thing... you have all heard/lived that. So I will focus on the more positive moments in my blog!

We went to Fur Rondy downtown last weekend...please check my facebook page for pictures, I no longer have time to load them all up on my blog---so mom & dad you should figure out Facebook so you can see the really cool picture of the fur man I was telling you about, I finally got my picture with him this year. We took Elliot with us and it was great, kind of cold but we all survived.

Elliot has been in day care for two full weeks and it is going great! He really likes it there and I really like our day care provider!

He sleeps!

He actually sleeps a lot. He will sleep very consistently from 9pm-ish until 6am-ish every day. Well except the last few days I have had to wake him up at 7am so I have time to feed him and get to work. I am not sure if that is just a growth spurt but it has been consistent for two whole weeks now. I am not complaining.

He smiles a lot and is really vocal lately, he will make lots of happy sounds. He especially likes having his diaper changed (who wouldn't) & bath time.

He is starting to look more at toys and will watch us from across the room. But he is also wanting more attention and wants to see your face---so he doesn't like to be left alone or he will cry, and unfortunately sometimes he has to cry for a while when I am getting myself ready or busy doing something else.

We look a lot alike...especially our eyes ;)

We are busy

hopefully we catch up soon


  1. Hahahahaha! That last picture is so fun. So glad he's sleeping.

  2. Love the pics! You guys are very attractive! J/k I am glad things are going better. There is nothing like knowing your baby is in good hands while you are at work. I hope I can find someone like that when I go back to work. And I am praying that in another month Porter will be sleeping through the night, I.can't.wait.

  3. Wyatt says you guys are weird looking lol. I am so glad that he is sleeping through the night for you. It is always nice to be able to sleep and not be woken in the middle of the night. He is growing so big i am going to have to get him a package of toys so he will be occupied lol Love ya Hilary