Monday, January 4, 2010

Can Someone Turn On The Lights?!

This is Fairbanks which is further north and darker than we are here in Anchorage...but it is still the same with the sun only rising a little above the horizon and then slowly going away. I feel like this two minute clip is very similar to my actual day! I turn around and the sun is gone before I even know it!

But Winter Solstice has already passed, so now we are again gaining day light. It is slow...we'll gain about 2-5 minutes of daylight a day until. So to answer all your questions yep it's dark, it's cold and I am really glad Jed gets that cruise benefit!


  1. I think I'd go a lot crazy if I only had 4 hours of sunlight. I go crazy with only 9 hours. Yeesh. You're brave!

  2. It sounds like you have a fairly positive attitude. Jed is one lucky man! Blake and I have talked many times about moving to AK, but the lack of sunlight and never ending snow make me think I am fine right where I am!

  3. pretty! Its like having a sunset & dusk all day long!