Saturday, April 2, 2011

Living the Dream

Our neighborhood moose

It's been awhile...but we've just been living the Alaskan dream! Well not really, it is spring "break-up". All the snow and ice is starting to melt creating large pot holes in the icy roads. It is slowly starting warm up though. It was about 40 degrees today.

Jed and I went to the outdoor Sportsman Show today it was a lot of fun...we entered as many drawings as we could, hopefully, we win a free fishing charter, or an scenic flight or a free night in the Best Western !

The other exciting news is that my brother is probably moving to Alaska! I say probably because I heard that he got a job up here in Anchorage, and he is going to stay with us...but he hasn't really talked to me yet. I'm really excited though!

Other news, School continues is busy and sometimes boring and typically really hard and frustrating. I have a new calling at church I am the 1st counselor in the Young Women's and so that keeps me really busy.

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  1. Okay, this is my 3rd time trying to leave a comment. I bet you will be awesome in YWs. The girls will love you. Also, I'm sure having some family in AK will be nice for you too. Are you still planning to come back to UT or do you think you'll stay in AK for a while?