Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event

A few of my co-worker participated in a really great event for sexual violence awareness. They literally walked a mile 'in her shoes' wearing women's high heels. They carried banners and signs as they marched through UAA's campus. It was really great and fun to watch. There were a lot of high officials who participated and they raised just over $2,000 for the cause.
Here is Colonel Mallard, from the Alaska State Highway Patrol, sporting some awesome red pumps.
This guy reminded me of Ron Swanson from the show Parks & Recreation, I think he was either the chief of police or a judge...either way, Way to go!
This construction worker, was awesome...he just wanted to walk in behalf of all the victims, and to bring awareness.

I thought this was a great event and I wanted to share it with all of you!


  1. Sarah! That's Walt Monegan. He was likely the most popular Chief of the Anchorage Police Department & is also an Alaskan Native. Sexual assault is a major issue in some of the villages as much as it is in the large towns so he was representing two important areas of our society.