Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip to Utah

Things have been so busy around here that I haven't had time to blog! So for documentation purposes I will be doing three blogs posts tonight and I hope you go back and read all of them and get caught up!

Jed and I decided before Elliot was born that we would go home to Utah to introduce Elliot to the family and to bless him there. The trip was so great! It was so fun to see family and to see how excited everyone was to meet Elliot. Everyone was so excited to see him and hold him, he was spoiled rotten.

Aunt Hilary who particularly loves to spoil Elliot by sending him all sorts of fun blankets, outfits, hats and someday I really hope when he is 13 that she will send him a pink bunny outfit for christmas...which I will make him wear!

This is Elliot and his oldest cousin on the 'Hayward' side Jewell...she was so excited to see him she schedule two weeks in advance a time so she didn't have to fight anyone to hold him.
But the greatest part of all was just being home.
I love home...there is nothing more true that the phrase "There's no place like home"....I love the above picture, I love my mom's kitchen--the smell of the well water, looking out the window across the pastor of young lambs running, the sounds...I love it too much and I get really home sick when I think about it.

Below is mix of my two favorite things my mom in her kitchen! I love my mom she is the sweetest lady I know...and the best grandma! She was so great when she was able to come up here and help when Elliot was born.

above...a brand new baby lamb was born while we were there and it was fun to go out to the barn and see it, my parents still had my old rubber boots. In high school I spent a lot of time with the sheep and a lot of time in those boots, so much that I actually started to wear them out! Those are great memories! My dream is to again live on a small farm, but rather than sheep I want Alpacas!

Jed is such a good he is giving Elliot a bath at my mom's house.

While we were there Elliot really mastered his smile! He had a lot of people to show off to so he had a lot of opportunities to practice.
Above is Aunt Heather and my can see how happy and proud my mom looks!

Below is Jed's mom...she was soooo excited to see Elliot! She hasn't had a grand baby for almost 12 years! She was so cute with Elliot and loved spending time with him, she even got to baby sit him while we went to my big movie premiere!
There is nothing like proud grandparents

We had such a good time and there were many family members and pictures taken, but I can't post them check them out on Facebook!

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