Friday, June 8, 2012

Elliot's First Valentine's Day (catching up)

I wanted to post these pictures forever ago, I am just discovering that I can create a collage on our is much faster to post than uploading several photos at one time! So I know this was forever ago, but I just wanted to share these adorable pictures.

Later that night when we were giving Elliot his bath, Jed noticed that he had yellowish stuff stuck in his toes. Jed was disgusted thinking he had poop stuck between his toes, which wouldn't be a big suprise if it was. Well, Jed hurried and put him in the tub but after scrubbing for a bit, we realized it was just paint.

Jed & I spent our Valentine's day shopping at Costco, getting Jed a new phone. Things sure change when you have a baby!

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