Friday, June 8, 2012

A few Firsts

Elliot is getting so big! We weighed him while we were at costco the other day with a scale, he was around 17 is a big pain to lug him up and down our 3 flights of stairs to the top floor.  But he is getting such a fun personality. He is grabbing everything now. He freaked me out the other day because we have a tall rotating fan and I was standing near it and all of a sudden he grabbed the cage part and pulled it over! I was certain he just chopped off all of his fingers but he was happy as ever. I didn't even think his arms were long enough to reach it. We also have to watch all cups, especially those full of liquid.

He started cereals on April 27th and he now loves oatmeal. He is not a big fan of Rice. He seems to not like peas at all. The picture of him eating peas for the first time is the typical facial expression he made. However, we just fed him carrots yesterday (6/7/12) and he loved them. He got so excited about them and wanted more.

He has now mastered rolling from back to stomach with no problems. He struggles a little getting back, but he can do it. When he is happy he just rolls around on his blanket on the ground. If he is sad he will get to his stomach and just get upset and cry.

He is sitting up so good now! He almost has it all the way figured out, just occasionally he arches his back and falls backwards, but he's getting more balance each week.

His ezcema is an ongoing mystery. I cut out all dairy for a while and it made minor improvements. Then he broke out bad on his chin, so I decided to start eating dairy again. After a few days his ezcema got pretty bad again, but then we've been using some homemade lotion (courtesy of my parents) and his skin looks amazing, better than ever and that is with dairy. So now I am doubting the dairy allergy and thinking it's maybe just ezcema. Who know! We'll just keep watching it.

Elliot Loves day care. When we walk in to Ms. N's house and he hears the kids screaming upstairs he starts kicking his legs so hard and smiling/giggling. He then cries when I come to pick him up, and typically fusses until he goes to bed...that is not so fun for a working mom.

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  1. I am glad you blogged! Elliot is getting so big and chubby! Is giving him solids helping him to sleep better at night? Brooke was the same way with green veggies--hated them but loved the orange/yellow ones. She still is that way--so don't give up on the green ones! I am determined to try harder with Porter. Your fan story made me laugh--I have the same fear about getting my fingers chopped off :) And babies sitting up and playing but being able to crawl away is the BEST stage! Enjoy it!