Friday, June 8, 2012

Failed Attempt

On Tuesday (6/5/12) I heard on the news that the Bore Tide was going to be the largest one of the year. So I got off early ran home and woke Jed up, we grabbed Elliot then got on the road. After only a short drive down the Seward Highway the traffic got heavy...then completely stopped around Potters Marsh. There was a line of cars as far as you could see. Apparently everyone else in Anchorage had the same idea and wanted to see the Tide. We turned around, we were already running late and there was no chance  we were going to make it.

We drove up to flat top, but realized we were ill prepared for that hike, so we took some pictures and enjoyed the sunshine. Elliot is so funny! He is the happiest baby (in public, at home he's kind of mean to us)

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  1. I wonder why he's so much happier in public! That is kind of funny.