Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday, SAD and Food Poisoning

I celebrated my birthday this week. I had a really great birthday! My co-workers decorated my desk at work and gave me a gift card to iTunes, plus we had a delicious cake. After work, Jed came home with some sweet gifts! He spoiled me this year. He gave me a magnified makeup mirror, which i've been very excited about. Plus, a table for my sewing machine, and a glue gun. One of my favorites gifts was a S.A.D. Light (a seasonal affective disorder light). It smaller than the picture below...but the picture made me laugh.
I look just like the woman when I sit in front of my light. I thought about taking it to work...but it is incredibly bright. But hopefully it will help the long winters in Anchorage.

Jed and I then went to one of my favorite little restaurants, Lucky Wish Bone, for a delicious swiss and bacon hamburger and onion rings. Then we went to see the movie below...which was cute, but predictable. The rest of the week went okay. It is getting colder here and I didn't wear my Uggs on Tuesday and thought I was going to get frost bite on my toes. I finally decided to go buy these boots I've been looking at since early this summer. I took advantage of the money my mom and dad sent me for my birthday to get these super cute, and warm (up to -40 degrees) boots.

My week ended with what we suspect as food poisoning. We think it is from some questionable spaghetti sauce we found in our fridge. Jed warned me and I told him it was fine. I missed work Friday and I'm missing class today still with horrible stomach cramps.


  1. that lady with the light made me laugh. Is that a giant bottle of pills next to her? :) Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was a good one. Although having food poisening sounds like no fun. We are sick here too :(