Sunday, November 14, 2010

Only in Alaska

So last week Jed's boss got attacked by a bear. It was pretty intense...the bear charged just after he killed a deer. He got torn up pretty bad but nothing critical. He broke some ribs, tore a big gash in his leg and it bit his butt. The bear was shot several times before it finally died. Crazy huh?!

Only in Alaska!

Below is a link to an article with his story in more detail.


  1. Just a reminder from the bear that we are also a part of the food chain.

  2. Crazy!! I'm glad he was okay. Be safe, you two!

  3. Glad he was able to come out of it fairly ok. That's such a crazy story!

  4. seriously! I thought they should all be sleeping by now. guess we will still be careful!